Thursday, February 19, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} February 19


My girls and I made these very pretty cherry cordial cupcakes for Saint Valentine's Day.  I found all-natural-dye-free maraschino cherries at the commissary, and I was able to get the very pretty pink color in the frosting using beet powder, donated by the Godparents. I also subbed canned coconut milk for heavy cream when making the chocolate ganache.  I've become the queen of substitutions. LOL! Not only were the finished cupcakes pretty, they were absolutely delicious.


I made homemade mango chutney this weekend.  It was soooooooo yummy with our curry rubbed pork tenderloin.  My belly was certainly happy.


I love finding random selfies on my phone taken by my kiddos.  This is Katerina, whose current obsession is Pokemon.  This is her Ash Ketcham get up she ordered from Amazon.  She is a funny girl.  We love it.


Every year I forget to bring our palms to our parish for what our priest gleefully calls "pyro-Tuesday"  or the day before Ash Wednesday.  The ashes from last years palms are placed on attendees foreheads during masses on Ash Wednesday.  We ended up burning our palms in the sink, which is one of the ways to properly dispose of last year's palms from Palm Sunday. (You can also bury them in the garden).  The boys loved having fire in the house, of course.

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Sarah said...

"Pyro Tuesday" - Ha! I love it!

Kim Paradiso said...

Ahem, I really need to stay out of your recipe section--I clicked over to see if you had included the cupcake recipe, which I'd love to try, and found the goat cheese frosting! I would never have thought about such a thing! Love, love goat cheese!