Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Party Fit for a Ninja

Lil' Lamb's newest passions include Legos and Ninjas.  Thankfully, Lego has masterfully combined the two into Ninjago.  How fun is that for a little boy?!  Lil' Lamb thoroughly enjoyed his day.

Balloons with Ninjago eyes.

Legos just for Lil' Lamb (he's always making off with his siblings Legos)

His favorite meal--Copy cat Chick-fil-a nugget, tots, and carrot sticks.

Ninjago cupcakes that, thanks to Wilton, were super simple.  After frosting with a homemade icing, I spray dyed each cupcake in Ninjago character colors and then added Ninjago edible paper eyes that were drawn with edible ink.

3 candles and a birthday song.

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