Thursday, February 13, 2014


Our oldest turned 21 on Sunday.  Wingnut and I took her and the 18 year old to an Irish Pub for dinner and bought her her first "legal" Guinness.  We then all came home for cake and presents.

Here's proof the 18 year old is still alive and kicking.  He at least allowed me to take a few photos of him, but he had to be himself and make a goofy face.

The fourteen year old has decided she also needs to goof off in every photo.

They must take after the 21 year old.

Anymore candles and the smoke alarm will set off!

Keeping with the new tradition of giving books as part of their birthday gifts.  These are the selections for the 21 year old.  She was pleased.

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1 comment:

Tonya said...

I think they take after their dad with the goofy faces in the pictures! N is looking gorgeous. Wow.