Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Would Never Call Myself Crafty . . .

but sometimes I surprise even myself!  When Oleander broke her wrist, she still had several projects she needed crafted before her return to the Aspirancy and she needed our help to finish.   Every year the aspirants create a new outfit for baby Jesus representing a particular nation.  This year,  Baby Jesus is dressed as an Argentinian Gaucho. Ollie was tasked with hand making his shirt and Gaucho hat.  The shirt was nearly finished and just needed three teeny tiny buttonholes.  I had never made buttonholes before, but they turned out very nicely and Ollie was pleased enough.  She and I then created and sewed together a hat from felt with a little leather chin strap.  She was very pleased with the result.  I was relieved!

Sister Hope sent photos of the newly clothed Child Jesus and gave me permission to post them here.  Ollie has become quite the little seamstress.

We thought using orange thread to sew the hat would give it a little more character.

Isn't he sweet?

I love the fringe and satin ribbon touches on his poncho--one of the other girls made that.

Of course, you can't see the ding-dang buttonholes I slaved over.  Sigh.
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