Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All About K

Sometimes it may seem that our older children get short shrift on the blog.  There is a good explanation for that.  As the children get older, their lives are more and more their own.  They may not appreciate that I expose their lives here for others to read, and I try to respect that.  Often, before posting a story, I will ask an older child if it is all right with them that I do so.  Most of the time they are more than willing, other times they will ask that I not or ask that I edit aspects of the post.

Special K likes to have stories posted about her.  She also still likes to have her photo taken.  She tends to get short shrift because she is so busy living her life and she isn't usually right in my face like the little boys tend to be.

So today's blog post is a bit of an update on Special K.

She is growing up so fast and I often feel wistful that we very likely will have no more princesses in the house.  It won't be long before her dolls are put aside for more grown up things.  She relishes in the fact that like her older sisters, she is NOT a lady.  Why, oh why aren't any of my girls prissy little things?  Sigh.  She loves skiing, riding her bike, roller blading, hiking and hopes to take up skateboarding and snowboarding in the very near future.

Her current interests obsessions are Ninjago and Phantom of the Opera (in fact she's belting out Phantom tunes as I type).  She loves reading, but is fairly picky about the type of book.  She leans towards stories of peril in which the hero/heroine is a child and has to survive without the aid of adults.  Thankfully, we have several books here that fit the bill and for her birthday I have a list of several more titles that will suit.

 I loved that she was smiling a grand smile as I photographed her skiing last week. 

 She is one of my only cooperative photography subjects.

Several years ago we discovered K has a sensitivity to artificial colors, flavorings, and certain preservatives.  This sensitivity manifested itself in emotionally and behaviorally for the most part, although she did confess certain foods with these additives made her feel physically sick.  We've been very careful of her diet and just eliminating those types of foods made a drastic improvement.  She even noticed a difference and has always been very good about policing herself--she did not like at all feeling out of control of her emotions. As she has grown older, we have relaxed a tad--birthday parties are hard when you can't have cake or ice cream because of culprit ingredients.  She seems to handle occasional indulgences, but if she indulges to frequently she does indeed seem so much more emotional.  She is aware this may be the case her whole life and is judicious in her choices, for which I am very proud.

And there you have Special K, still my little girl, but growing up into an adventurous young lady.

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Our Family said...

We miss you Special K!