Friday, June 14, 2013

The Garden

Because of our elevation and the fact that we live nestled in a bowl surrounded by mountains, our growing season is late and short.  I got the last of the garden in just today as my Maryland friends are already harvesting their early summer produce.

We bought fairly decent sized plants for our tomatoes and peppers but planted seeds for most everything else.

Here is the full view of the garden.  This is only about 1/4 the size we hope to have it in years to come. It has taken me the better part of the spring to weed this much of the bed.  As we build our compost and mulch layers the weeding will not be nearly so time consuming but it is indeed a major work in progress.

Peas and cucumbers occupy one planting box

Our lettuce and spinach look pretty sparse.  I may have planted those seeds too early. I just re-sowed another crop.

 I'm trying our these grow bags for potatoes.  Each bag should yield 30 lbs of potatoes.

Chili pepper

Jalapeño peppers


 Tomatoes--4 different varieties.
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Maia said...

Beautiful place for a garden.

Katie said...

Your garden looks great! I want to try potatoes next year . . . .maybe I should try the bags as I do not have a very large garden space. Our spinach and lettuce is already gone!