Thursday, June 13, 2013

{P, H, F, R} June 13

round button chicken


Our dear friend and the JP's godmother got married last weekend.  We made the trip all the way to OKC for the celebration.  She was absolutely beautiful, radiant, and joyous.  

One of my pretty daughters heard there was a daddy/daughter dance number at the wedding.  She kept dropping hints that she wanted to dance with Wingnut and then she acted all shocked and coy when he asked her to dance.  It was really sweet.  Lil' Lamb insisted on joining in.


The brides family hosted an after party on the night after the wedding on their beautiful ranch south of OKC.  They roasted a whole pig and served it up with all the southwestern fixings.  After dark they brought out about 500 sparklers for the 30 or more children at the party.  The kids had a blast.  500 sparklers lasted all of about 5 minutes.


These are our children and a couple neighborhood kids dressed up in costume and hiking the hillside to their film site.  They are filming their own version of The Lord of the Rings as a summer project.


While in OKC we went with old friends to the Alfred P. Murrah Bombing Memorial. We were stationed at Tinker AFB the day of the bombing.  Wingnut and I will never forget where we were on that day.  This is the survivor tree.

 Along the reflecting pool.

We lost our friend Julie Marie Welch that day.  She and her boyfriend had just been to our house for dinner days before the bombing.  She was a lovely girl, just 23 years old, and worked in the Social Security Administration offices.  She was found intact and wearing her brown scapular.  Requiescat in pace.

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