Friday, January 25, 2013

Danger Boy

This is only one reason we are not ready for Lil' Lamb to give up his naps.  He's a real handful and a climber to boot.  Of course, it is my fault for leaving enticing boxes so close to the window for the lil' guy to climb.  He also climbs onto the back of the couches, on top of the tables, and can even boost himself up onto our bed, at which point he can't help but begin jumping like he's on a trampoline.

You may notice he also has a dirty face.  He always has a dirty face, even if I've just wiped him down.  In this case he has coffee laced sugar all over his face.  He likes to drink the left over sugar out of the bottom of Wingnut's espressos.  He calls it his "cup of Joe" and he will stand at our coffee bar and wait; dancing a little jig for his morning joe.  

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