My Two Cents

I know I'm weighing in a bit late on the whole Ann Romney/stay-at-home-mom thing, but I've been too busy doing nothing and not living in the real world. Could you please pass the bonbons?

Actually there has been a quite a bit written and said about the whole issue.  I really have nothing new or profound to offer.  I must say, I wrote the whole thing off once I read that Ms. Rosen was raising twin daughters from a failed same sex union.  Yeah, she has her finger on the pulse of the REAL American mother.

I will link to two of the best blog articles I read on the subject.  Both written by women with more writing talent in their little fingers than I will ever have.  The first was written by the Crescat, with her characteristic wit and no holds barred style:

OK, first thing we need to do is dispel the myth that staying at home and raising family is a ‘luxury’…

The second article was passed on to me by Wingnut.  Bookworm is a new blogger to me, but she is dead on regarding this issue: 

The real threat that the Ann Romneys of the world represent to the statist Left


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