Locks of Love part 1

My girls have always had long hair, really long hair, Rapunzel hair, as my oldest daughter called it years ago.

About a year ago our #3 expressed an interest in donating her hair to Locks of Love.  I talked her into waiting until after her ballet recital in June so that making a bun in her hair wouldn't be such a pain.  I told her if she waited, I would do it with her.  This led to her three sisters wanting to join in.  Yesterday we had our first appointment.

Skoshi A has her first cut.
She's a little "tomboy" so this cut will really work for her.
Karate Kid has had "Rapunzel" hair since she was 4.
Wow, that is a load off her head.
Isn't she beautiful!  They really pampered the girls at Robert Andrews!


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