Where's the Love

(Lil' Lamb at 11 months)

This post may seem a bit on the self-pitying side, but my baby doesn't love me.  He loves his daddy, he loves his brothers and sisters, and he especially loves Skoshi A, or Junior Mommy.  I'm just a milk cow.  His love for me only extends as far as meal time.  The rest of the time he prefers anyone but me and it's patently unfair. I only provide 24-hour-round-the-clock-7-days-a-week care to him and what do I get?  A slap in the face.  This little guy is a brute.  His idea of playing with me is to slap and pinch and then get all offended when I tell him to be nice.  It's really starting to hurt my feelings.  That, and at my age, it's becoming increasingly unlikely I'll be able to "replace" him.  C'mon, Lil' Lamb, where's the love?


When I went back to work and my husband was unemployed, Will was five months old. I worked nights, which complicated things even more. The night I will never forget was the one when Will was about the same age as Lil' Lamb and woke up very upset and I was off work and I could not soothe him at all. And when my husband took him, he was calm immediately...my heart broke and my husband felt really bad...so sending some empathetic hugs your way and prayers!
Anonymous said…
Yep, been there. But now my 2 1/2 year old loves me so much he hangs on my leg most of the day. Can't get a thing done. Perk up, it'll get better. =)

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