Sometimes the Baby Eats Crayons

For those who may think my lucky children live in some perfect utopian home schooling home, there are days, like today, when I wonder why in the world I do this.  In a five minute snippet the baby dumped out all the crayons and pencils from one of the pencil boxes and sat under the table happily eating crayons.  The 9 year old sat and stared at a simple two step math problem without writing a single number on her paper because she still hasn't memorized her times tables.  The 5 year old finished his math, but then proceeded to ask his typical endless stream of requests for video games, movies, and food. He had breakfast 15 minutes ago.  The 12 year old, bless her heart, has learned to block it all out, and just continues to plod away at her algebra.

I do believe, in the end, it is all worth it, but sometimes in the muck of it all I dream of sending the kids off to school. Unfortunately, I'm sure the baby would still be eating crayons.


Michelle said…
This year, we are focusing on remedial spelling and phonics at all grade levels. This has only highlighted for me how pathetic my children are with ALL their math facts (+-*/). So, come summer, we will be working on that. I've heard lots of great reviews of this free website:
Anonymous said…
Ha ha

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