Musical Rant

We have happily found a parish that suits us.  The priest is wonderful and was completely unafraid to preach the Truth on Prolife Sunday.  He wore a traditional cassock and a beretta and spoke church architecture and communion rails.  We felt right at home.

My only quibble with the new parish is the music.  The Gather worship book should be out and out banned.  The music is uninspiring and many of the lyrics are just theologically muddy. Down the aisle processed our very traditional appearing priest and deacon to a most insipid and tediously difficult contemporay piece that almost none of the parishioners could sing.  It was truly off-putting.  Really, no music at all is much better than bad music.  Sometimes I believe Catholics have forgotten the wonderful spiritual benefits of sacred silence.  Do we really need to sing meditation hymns?

It may have been rude, but I did ask our priest if the music for the 9:30 am mass is more traditional.  He assured me it is.  Thank heavens for that, otherwise I might spend most masses praying for charity toward the musical director.  Sigh. It really has been too long since my last confession.


Alexis Jacobson said…
My Parish at school uses the Gather Hymnal and there are some songs in there I truly love. It probably also helps that we have a small chorus to sing along with it. I do also like some of the traditional stuff, but it's hard to understand what you are singing when it's done in Latin and there is no translation.

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