Progress and Set Backs

For the most part, I'd say this move has gone rather smoothly. Our household goods arrived on Thursday, and we've been unpacking the more than 200 boxes since. I kept asking myself, "Why do we have so much stuff?" until one of our movers reassured me we had about as much stuff as a typical family of four. Still, we really do have way more than we need. I'm weeding through things and have set aside items to donate and others to sell.

Unpacking was going well until Saturday morning when Wingnut developed an excruciating pain in the flank of his lower back. He was nearly incapacitated, so I ran him over to the nearest emergency room to be treated for what we believed were kidney stones. Today he is still in some pain, but he hasn't passed anything, and after a consultation with a flight doctor, he now believes he may have actually torn a muscle in his back. This makes sense between the moving, sleeping on overcrowded and uncomfortable beds for nearly 2 weeks and he used much too heavy weights in his workout on Friday. He had an X-ray this morning, and we should find out if his pain is or isn't due to kidney stones.

Our first attempt at finding a suitable family parish was a complete no-go. While the music was liturgically beautiful, and the church had a truly lovely Marian Chapel, we had serious issues with the priest. Namely, he decided to skip the Gloria and the Creed due to his being under the weather. This could have been understandable and forgivable, if he hadn't then blathered on and on about parish debt reduction and the parish potluck at the end of Mass.

We tried another parish this Sunday, and it definitely has promise. The vestibule was filled with pro-life and NFP literature. The altar BOYS used patens during communion. The priest, although a visiting one, celebrated the Mass with reverence and intact, excluding no prayers. The music was liturgically stinky, but even our beloved parish in Maryland often left much to be desired in that department(can you say "On Eagles Wings"?).

So, we are settling in and enjoying the natural beauty of our new home. There is so much more I could write, but I'll save it for later posts. Pax!


Tonya said…
Glad you updated on your move. I was wondering how things were going!! Sorry to hear about hubby's back. Hope it heals quickly!

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