{P,H,F,R} A Bit Behind

round button chicken

These photos were taken during the cross country trek, when we stopped for two days in Colorado Springs.  Tonia, Eric, and family, at Life in Our Zoo, hosted our family in a most warm and welcoming way.  It was wonderful catching up with our dear friends and the children appreciated the break from the van.  While in the Springs, Wingnut and I took the willing on a little hike through The Garden of the Gods, where I got a chance to try our my new telephoto lens.

 The weather was gorgeous and the rock formations are pretty amazing.


Special K, our budding geologist loved the time spent with her daddy, walking hand in hand.


 I found this lone fire hydrant in the Garden to be hilariously out of place.


Lil' Lamb wasn't too sure about the baby back pack carrier, but this will be his reality as we hope to get out in the wild more often in the months to come.


Tonya said…
GREAT pictures! Miss you all!
Lisa said…
Cute pictures, pretty scenery!
So gorgeous, Colorado is our dream destination for a home! And I've loved your shots of Utah. I never considered it a place I would be visiting, but the beauty is winning me over. I hope your quest for a new parish is going well!

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