Utahans are downright friendly people.  Wingnut and I cannot get over it.  Everyone is so helpful and nice, it has really caught us off guard.  It's not that Marylanders are unfriendly, I just think Utahans take it to another level.  I am not incredibly familiar with any of the tenets of the Morman religion, but I am familiar with their deep love for family and family life, and so I'm guessing this love extends to their neighbors.

We lived in a nice neighborhood in Maryland and knew many of our neighbors by name, but the hospitality we have received here has been amazing.  On our first day here it snowed several inches.  Our neighbors took it upon themselves to plow our driveway and shovel our walk for us.  A couple days later one set of neighbors called upon us to introduce themselves and brought along two loaves of freshly baked bread.  That same night more neighbors called and brought homemade maple glazed cinnamon rolls.  The next night another family brought chocolate chip cookies.  Talk about a warm reception!  Each offered their help in any way we could need, gave us their home phone numbers and welcomed us fondly.  It was truly as if they were welcoming Christ, himself, into their midst.  What a wonderful example they have all set.

Lord, help me to be a kind and good neighbor.  Help me to welcome and love others as you welcome and love us. Amen.


Michelle said…
Have they figured out you aren't Mormon yet? (Not implying that they would be less friendly - I knew a very lovely mom of many who was Mormon and we got along great.) But they might just assume that you are, since you have so many kids. People have actually asked my husband: Catholic or Mormon? when learning he had such a HUGE family.
Maurisa said…
I'm sure they have figured out we are Catholic. What with the Papal bumper stickers and the son in Catholic high school. One of the families that bore welcome gifts are also not LDS, even with their 5 kiddos ;)
Walt said…
Ok Mau...When the girls and I come out in April you need to get the word out to the 'hood' that your brother is visiting and he LOVES maple glazed cinnamon rolls, freshly baked bread and chocolate chip cookies. I will be there all week so if they want to "suprise" me every night I'm okay with that. Anything I can do to help them earn the Like A Good Neighbor badge.

Love ya Mau!


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