Made It

I know this announcement is long over due, but we did make it to Utah as of last Thursday, and we are working on settling in. As we drive among the mountains, it seems too surreal that this picturesque setting is where we live now. Our new home is nestled in a basin surrounded by snow capped mountains. We are truly only minutes from Snow Basin Ski Resort. It is absolutely gorgeous!

I love the new house. It is warm and open and inviting. The children are enjoying exploring the new neighborhood and the nooks and crannies of their new digs. Our neighbors greeted us by plowing our driveway and shoveling our walkway after some unexpected, but very welcome snow.

The JayP is happily enrolled in a wonderful private Catholic high school. I spent Monday morning with the principal, who is warm and friendly, but also tough and faithful. I was so pleasantly struck by her, the faculty, and the school, I gave the unsuspecting woman a hug in the parking lot, after she had walked me to our van.

So far we've only had two hiccups. We went ahead and moved into the house, knowing our home goods would not arrive until the 12th, and while I did bring along enough cooking paraphernalia to get by, we didn't anticipate how very uncomfortable it is to have absolutely no furniture to sit on except the one queen size bed I had delivered new to the house.

The second, and more problematic drawback has been in the search for a new parish. Our first try was an absolute no-go after the priest felt skipping the Gloria and the Creed during the Mass was acceptable (there were other shenanigans besides these, but these two infractions were the most glaring). We do have hope for the next parish after speaking to one of the theology teachers at the high school and I've asked Our Lady to guide us in our search. I am sure She will not disappoint.

Once we have reliable Internet and have our computers hooked up, I will begin posting pictures of the house and our new surroundings.


Katie said…
Cannot wait to see the new house! Praying you find a good parish . . . we miss you here.
The Hayes said…
Thankful to hear about your safe arrival in Utah, we prayed for you during your journey.
We felt badly that we never got to wish you "farewell" prior to your departure.
Enjoy the majesty of the mountains and the snow...we are envious of the snow!
Thank you for all of your years as a military family and may God bless your final transfer.
In Christ,
Your Coast Guard/Sacred Heart friends

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