Subdued Preparations

With the impending move just days after Christmas, our Advent and preparations for Christmas have been, to say the least, very subdued.  You know what?  I've been fine with that.  In fact, this has probably been the least stressful Advent I've ever had since becoming a mother 19 years ago.

We did not deck the halls and we didn't get a Christmas tree.  It just didn't make sense decorating for Christmas and then having to pull it all down 2 days later so the movers can pack us out.  We set up the nativity and hung our stockings.  Saint Nicholas visited on his feast day and we had Mexican fare on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. That has been the sum of our celebrations.  We've quietly observed Advent and believe it or not we are nearly ready for Christmas to arrive.  Even with the stress of the move, it has been a very peaceful 4 weeks.

I'm hoping I recall this sense of peace next year. While I'd like to do more to observe Advent next year, I need to remember sometimes less is more.


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