{P,H,F,R} 12/15

round button chicken


Our pretty ballerina pensively stretching before class.

She has a pretty little ballet foot, just like her ballerina sisters before her.


Happy little feet peeking out from beneath the drapes.

Peek . . . 



Our lil' one is a stair climber.  We've tried (without much success) to keep him from climbing the stairs.  He's already had several tumbles down our smaller flights of stairs (three stairs).  He is none too happy about the new blockade in front of the main stairway.


This was our last visit at the Aspirancy.  It may be four years before we get to visit again. Oleander will get to visit us several times a year, but it was so comforting knowing we could just pick up and visit every other weekend if we wished.  It was a real reminder that our sweet Oleander will be leading a very separate life from us.  I'm not liking this reality at all! :(


You have given God a great gift- a child who will be a sister! Amazing
MCH said…
What a beautiful ballerina! And spunky little climber :)

I echo what Priest's Wife said...what an incredible blessing!
I'm sure your mother's heart aches but what a wonderful blessing to your family and for your little ones to witness! God Bless!
Sarah Oldham said…
Uff da. I feel for your beautiful and generous heart, my lovely friend. You have done well by this girl - wonderful family, too!

Christian is open to the priesthood - and is willing to take a vocation weekend. Most placed don't open up for those until the kid is in high school. I'm going to try and find one on O'ahu, but . . . I may ask a priest friend on mine in IL if he can assist. It scares me, but less so because of yours (and another mutual friend of ours) willing example to let go and let God.

Hugs and aloha
Stacy said…
I admire your daughter's brave heart. It takes courage to do what she is doing!

Sarah - Fr. Daren?
Sarah Oldham said…
Stacy - yes, Father Daren. He's a dear friend. :)
Stacy said…
Sarah - That's too funny! Of course everyone in Hawaii would know who he is =) I'm from the same diocese as him, don't know him very well, but enough to know of his endless love for warmth and sun =)
Sarah Oldham said…
Stacy - I met him only this year (I blogged about it), had him for a lunch here etc. I've read his blog for yonks now . . . I live in HI courtesy of the USN - it's lovely here and as long as I live here (or anywhere for that matter) Father Daren is welcome in our home - he's Ohana (family). :)

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