iPad Dreaming

Wingnut was on his way out the door to take the girls to the Apple Store.  Skoshi A needed a new charging cord for her iPod and the girls wanted to buy an iPod for one of the needy children from our parish Angel Tree for Christmas.  Lil' Wingnut decided he would like to go along, because Daddy usually makes a stop at our favorite little coffee shop on trips to the Apple Store, which means Lil' Wingnut could possibly score a treat if he went along.

As he was putting on his shoes, the little guy dreamed aloud of the iPad his Daddy should buy him at the Apple Store.  I put a stop to that by letting him know the only iPad he would be getting would be one he bought himself.  At $500+ it really is just a pipe dream for a 5 year old who's monthly allowance is only $5-10 a month, depending on how well he does his assigned chores.  Lil' Wingnut was convinced he had enough money in his piggy bank to purchase an iPad.

"I've got 50 cents!" He exclaimed.

"You'd need 1000 of those 50 cents to have enough for an iPad", Wingnut explained.

"I've got 1000 of those!"

"No, you don't," I said, "You don't have anything close to that amount.  Why don't you come here and I can show you exactly how much you have in your savings account."

I showed him the money I'd put into savings, months and months of allowance built up to $245.

"See, you only have enough for half and iPad," I told him.

"Ok, I'll just get half an iPad!" He declared happily.

For now, I'm thankful Apple doesn't sell half an iPad.  When he has finally saved enough for that elusive object du jour we'll have to resort to the old fashioned, "No, you aren't buying that."


Anonymous said…


Your favorite photography student
Anonymous said…
ha ha ha ''k'

skoshi a
Anonymous said…
he he he, skoshi a

Your favorite photography student
Anonymous said…
he he he "k"

skoshi A

your favorite daughter

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