How Do You Say Goodbye?

This has been a very difficult month.  We have had quite a few lasts; last CCD classes, last ballet classes, last co-op class, last Oritory with the nuns, last parties.  I'm not good at lasts.  Most of these were lasts for my children and I was the one that got choked up over saying goodbye. I'm a cryer and having to say goodbye breaks my heart.

How do you say goodbye to those who have shared in your very personal and often private tribulations and triumphs?  These dear friends have been with us through losses and additions.  They have been with us through pregnancies, births, baptisms, First Communions, and Confirmations. At some point, friends become family.  How do you say goodbye to family you know you may never see again?  Let's not kid ourselves, Utah is a world away, and as much as our friends here love us, coming that far to visit is just not a reality.

I hope each and every one of our "family" here knows how much we love them; how much we've appreciated their friendship; how much we will miss them.  May God Bless each and everyone of our dear friends here in Maryland.

Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again.  ~William Shakespeare


Mary @ Cheerios said…
Awe! I am so glad we can con't to be blogger friends.
God bless your travels,
Mary @Cheerios
Sarah Oldham said…
You can always get on a plane to see me in HI now that you're a little closer (I know, it only looks that way on a map in the mind). LOL! Love ya! You know, after our next tour here, we'll very very very likely be moving back to MD (unless we get extremely lucky and an overseas European job opens up this late in his career). I can always hope!
Mary said…
Well said - and the feelings are so very mutual, Maurisa. We are going to be missing the Mayerle family for a very long time to come. May you find many graces and blessings in your new home.

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