Move Update

Things are moving right along.  Wingnut will have his "Fini-flight" this week and his distinguished Air Force career will come to its close.  We are hoping to skip the traditional retirement ceremony in favor of a nice luncheon with little to no fanfare.  Wingnut's service was never about the recognition and a big ceremony would be completely out of character for him.

We close on our home in Utah on the 28th of December and the military has scheduled the movers to pack us out beginning December 28th through the 30th.  We'll clean and finish up around here on the 31st and hope to be on the road on the 1st of January.  4 long days on the road with Lil' Lamb trapped in a carseat is NOT something I am looking forward to.  It will be a relief to spend a couple days in Colorado with dear friends and decompress before pressing on to Utah.

A nice family came to look at our home yesterday and they have decided it is perfect for them and have put in the application to rent.  They are willing to do some of the work on the house themselves and if all works out, they may buy the house in the future.  Saint Joseph has interceded for us, big time!


Michelle said…
Oh, the headache of moving...and to UTAH in the winter...God be with you and your family, Maurisa!
Anonymous said…
Give Lil'Lamb a bit of benedryl and perhaps he'll just sleep most of the time. I hope that doesn't sound too horrible, but it works. lol

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