{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} 12/8

round button chicken


My mother-in-law gave us a lovely telephoto lens for Christmas.  I'm learning to use it.  I love how bright and cheery the holly bushes look this time of year with their festive red berries.


 We had some lovely warm days this week.  Lil' Lamb loves to be outside.  In fact, nothing makes him happier than a nice walk to the park and a little push in the swings.  Can't you tell by that face? LOL!


Wingnut was demonstrating one-armed pull-ups to the children at the park.  Special K climbed right up to the monkey bars and showed her daddy that she is the one-armed pull-up queen!


I used to resist the whole breakfast for dinner idea until Wingnut won me over.  It's now one of my favorite goto-dinner-in-a-pinch meals.


I am laughing at the "real" because I was so the same way until my husband won me over on it! Love the header pic by the way...gorgeous pic of gorgeous children!
Anonymous said…
Oh man! I love breakfast for dinner. We used to do that in college around mid terms and finals. We would have all our friends come over for a study break and we would have every breakfast item known up for eating plus plenty of coffee. lol
Mrs. Fordyce said…
The holly picture is beautiful! What a great gift. Breakfast for dinner is one of our favorite meals! Cheese scones, eggs, and sausages-yum!
Colleen said…
Breakfast for dinner is a staple around here if my husband has a dinner meeting or is out of town. Love it!

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