This 'n That

Wow, I really had to rack my brain for Successes this week, but here they are:

1) We did school every day this week, even though there were strong temptations to just blow it off.

2) I got out and ran twice this week. I'm up to just over 2 miles without stopping to walk. I'm hoping to reach 3 miles without stopping over Christmas break, weather permitting. I'll let you know how it goes.

3) I kept on top of the laundry again this week. It was a real struggle, but I folded two overflowing baskets worth of clean clothing and put it all away last evening just so I could post it as a success this week.

Do you have any Small Successes to share? Post your link over at Faith and Family Live.


Melissa said…
Your successes look big to me, laundry school AND exercise! Good job!
Anonymous said…
Good job on your running! I have the same goal of running 3 miles without stopping to walk. I'm at a mile and a half, but I've signed up for a 5 K run in the spring so I won't be tempted to quit. =)
Barbara said…
Great work! One week I made sure I lifted weights (wimpy amounts, but hey) every day just so I could post it on Small Successes! Whatever it takes, right?

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