Quality Time

Most evenings find me chauffeuring our six kids to their various activities. It's not one of my favorite chores, but every once in a while I get to experience some actual quality time with my passengers.

Karate Kid and I get to have really meaningful conversations about life, faith, her future, etc. Stat Boy and I talk sports--I really don't listen to him enough. He just trounced me in our fantasy football league :-( Oleander likes to talk ballet and music. Special K likes to hear herself talk, and talk, and talk--LOL! Lil' Wingnut likes to tell me all about Star Wars, or plays his favorite game; "Mom and Dad." Skoshi A just makes me laugh.

Last night, out of the blue she said, "Oh, I just figured out what I'm going to name my children. I'm going to name them after cars. You know, like Toyota and Chevrolet." When I explained that some people really do name their kids after cars, but typically they choose names like Mercedes or Porshe, she got this absolutely incredulous look on her face and asked, "Are you serious? That's just crazy!"

That girl has beer taste to go with her beer budget! I laughed and laughed. What an absolute goof ball!


Tonya said…
She always made us laugh too! :-) We were thinking Abi should name her kids after animals. We were coming up with some funny ones. Of course, I think Tiger is out now. :-)

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