Our Year in Review

It should come as no surprise, 2009 shaped up to be a very busy year for our family. Here are the happenings in the most abbreviated fashion:

Karate Kid: karate kicking, talented pianist, college planning, soon to be 17--GET OFF THE ROAD--Here she comes!

Stat Boy: sport loving, statistician, karate choppin’, cookie baking, newly Confirmed, 14 year old frosh.

Oleander: award winning pied-piper, ballerina dancer, artist extraordinare, muffin maker, too soon a teenage girl.

Skoshi A: fun loving 10 year old, piano playing, Kennedy Center performing Nutcracker soldier, living up to her “angelic” name

Special K: new pianist, independent reader, ballerina dancin’, always with a song in her 7 year old heart.

Lil' Wingnut: all boy all the time, sweet talkin’, lady lover, so smart he’ll be taking over the world, and he’s only three!

Wingnut: busy workin’, G-III, G-V, and C32 flying, must have dual citizenship in Texas for as often as he travels there, pre-cana teaching, all around wonderful husband and dad.

Maurisa: chauffeur drivin’, homeschool teachin’, pre-cana mentoring, blog writing, just trying to keep the schedules straight and the house from caving in!

We love our busy crazy lives, and wouldn’t have it any other way. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


Sarah - Kala said…
Happy and Blessed New Year to you from all of us!

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