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Quite frequently I post images I've found on the web for my posts, especially religious images. Yesterday, for my post on the Immaculate Conception I posted a pretty holy card image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Not an hour later I received a frantic call from my blogging and real life buddy Amy. Apparently the image I posted had a strange file attached that caused a message to appear on my blog stating something to the effect that I had stolen web content and then had an image of a profane gesture. If you visited my blog during that hour, I am profoundly sorry!

If you are a blogger and like to decorate your posts with images from the web, be careful and never use images posted on Jackbook! The image I used was one that could be found in many places and it was not an original artwork. It was just a holy card. I believe it was the website I used that was "protecting" the image.

One of these days I hope to only post my own photographs or scanned images. "Borrowing" images from the web is convenient and easy. I really try not to use protected or original work by others. Thankfully I have such a wonderful friend looking out for me! Thanks Amy!


Party of Eleven said…
You're welcome, friend! I know you would do the same for me :))) See ya Friday!
Walt said…
Hey Mau!

Computer theft, especially of religious images is a horrible crime. I suggest you draw stick figures and post those instead...sinner!

Love ya Mau,


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