Go, Mom, Go

Small Successes for Thursday, December 17:

1) Cleaned the shower and toilet in the Master Bathroom. Don't you just love the smell of bleach in the morning?

2) Made homemade, completely from scratch, chicken and rice soup and whole wheat bread for dinner last night. It was delicious and so good for us.

3) Shockingly, I reached my goal of running three miles without stopping this week. I reached this goal a full week before I had hoped. I actually got a little emotional over it because it was something I had really wanted to do for myself. Just a note, don't get emotional after running three miles, you just might pass out--I felt just a little hypoxic and realized I needed to calm myself down and focus on cooling down and slowing down my breathing and heart rate before congratulating myself!

Follow the link to Faith and Family Live and leave your list of Small Successes. You know you want to. . .


Melissa said…
Congratulations on reaching your running goal! That takes so much work. And great job cleaning your shower, I clean the rest of my bathroom almost every day (its my pet peeve) but the shower? I think its been over a month.
Samantha said…
Way to go on the running. The hard work is really paying off : ) And the made from scratch dinner sounds delish. (A bit green with envy on that one...)
ViolinMama said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a milestone. I would be emotional too - and I did once (before pregnancy). I did the couch to 5K website to do 3 miles and it felt so good, so I applaud you!! Be emotional...it is wonderful!

Congrats on everything else!! Many blessings!

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