Battle Plans

This is Lil' Wingnut's newest game. He loves the dry erase board and will keep entertained drawing his "battle plans" for a good stretch of time. He's been overheard giving orders to his men in his lowest manly voice, "Alright men, we'll start here at the smiley face, and work our way. . . " Only a three year old would think a battle could start with a smiley face. Oh, to be that naive.


Walter said…
Hey Mau,

I did battle plans using my pencils, crayons, erasers and rulers while I was in school...we didn't have dry erase boards to come up with the perfect smiley faced ambush. Usually my red pencils won over the yellow.

I hope you, the gang of six and the big Wingster are all doing well!

Love ya Mau,

Tonya said…
That is awesome. :-) You know, this morning, Josiah was talking and I started thinking about you guys. I realized that B has to be like Josiah in his talking, etc. But I always think of him as a barely 2 year old!

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