Send in the Clown

Skoshi A has always been a little ray of sunshine in our family.  Even at a very young age she had a sense of humor and always laughed at Wingnut's lame jokes; not because they were actually funny, but because they really were that lame, and that is what she found funny.  We've always called her our Little Clown and our Queen Monkey.  In fact, Queen Monkey has become part of her name.

When she was about 4 she told the same joke for an entire year; "Why did the chicken cross the road in Georgia? Because it was against the law."  She'd laugh hysterically each time she told it. I'm fairly certain she still finds that joke hilarious.  She loves good natured teasing, silly jokes, funny faces, and laughing.  She is a never ending bundle of joy and energy.

When it comes to caring for Baby Wingnut, she is absolutely invaluable.  With four girls, Baby Wingnut has enough junior mommies to take care of him but Skoshi A is his favorite.  She is the loving, caring, gentle, good mommy, while the rest of us are the mean, disciplinary mommies. More than any of us she is able to calm him down, entertain him, and keep him from whining.  

It has always fascinated me how each of our children have such different personalities, different strengths, different weaknesses.  Each one completes our family in a unique way.  I'm so very thankful God looked down on us and said, "This family needs a little clown to bring a special kind of joy to each day." And then he gave us Queen Monkey.


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