Don't Worry. Be Happy.

Baby Wingnut likes peace and harmony.  He may not create it in our family but he likes to make sure we all maintain it.  He is constantly asking if we are happy, especially if we happen to be scolding him about his antics.  It's his little way of reassuring himself that everything is still ok, even though he is in trouble.

Usually his little way of asking, "Mama, you happy?" is very cute and I can't help but smile and say, "Yes, Mama is happy.  Are you happy?" But then there are the times when he is being particularly naughty and I cannot smile and agree to be happy. "No, Mama is not happy.  Mama is cross."  This response results in a complete collapse of Baby Wingnut.  His world comes crashing in around him and he begins frantically crying, "No, you happy Mama. You happy." I'm not sure what the little guy will do the day he gets a real criticism.  


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