Mothers and Daughters

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of taking my teenage daughter shopping for her fall wardrobe.  Yes, I know, I wrote pleasure, because it truly was a pleasure.  I remember shopping trips with my poor mom as being completely miserable for both of us.  We did not share the same taste or style then, and we don't share them now. She just never got my love of all things black. 

We have been blessed with extremely modest children who are not into the latest fashion trends at all, but are somehow able to blend in with their peers without appearing out-dated. Their modesty can be attributed to their innate senses of right and wrong and our hands-on style of parenting, but also to the wonderful examples of modesty from their grandmothers and aunties.  They are all pretty conscious of what is and what isn't appropriate dress in particular situations. That's not to say we don't have our moments of contention over what is considered nice enough for Mass, but then I'd be a little worried if they didn't have their own opinions some of the time.

And so it was a definite joy for me to spend an evening alone with my oldest daughter, have a meaningful conversation, shop to our hearts' content, and stop at Rita's for a treat.


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