Mass readings for September 28, 2008.

I had the rare pleasure of going to Mass all by myself yesterday. Imagine an entire Mass without having to take a naughty toddler to the back or having to constantly remind a hyperactive 6 year to be still and listen.  I was able to sit in front and not have to hide out in the back row!  

Our young associate priest gave a lovely homily in which he made the following observation: Those who exude joy in their lives are those who faithfully live out their vocations not because it is something they ought to do, but because of their deep love for God.  Pray, not because God asks it of you; pray because you love God.  Serve your family, not because it is your duty as wife and mother; serve your family because you love them. Care for the sick, hungry, naked, and imprisoned, not because it was what Christ taught; care for the sick, hungry, naked, and imprisoned because you love Christ.  Serve with love, and joy will follow.


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