On Ballerinas

We have three beautiful ballerinas in our family.  They belong to a fantastic ballet school that is small, strict, and teaches ONLY ballet (no hoochie mama dancing, tap, jazz, etc.).  We spend three evenings of our week transporting our dancers to their classes, which are thankfully only 5 minutes from our house.

Today, we are doing something so crazy and so completely counterintuitive. We are taking two of our ballerinas to audition for the Nutcracker.  The audition and subsequent rehearsals will be a 35 minute trek from our house, and that is if traffic is running smoothly on the oft volatile beltway.  I can't believe we are doing this, but it is with the Joffery Ballet and performances will be at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts!  This is an amazing opportunity for my dancers. I mean, what little girl doesn't dream of dancing in the Nutcracker?

I'll leave an update this evening with the results of their auditions.

**Update:  After a very long day, both girls made it into the production.  OJ is a mounted mouse and Skoshi A is an angel.  They are both absolutely thrilled.  I'm sure we'll have more posts in the near future about our Nutcracker experience.


Michelle said…
And can you get me and my little ballerinas tickets to see it? Dress rehearsal tickets would be fine.
Maurisa said…
I wish! We have to buy our own tickets at $50 a pop and parents are barred from all rehearsals! They are "working" as Kennedy Center Supernumerary performers and I guess this is the Kennedy Center's policy.

We do get discounted parking though and the girls will be paid $15 a performance.

I'm just hoping they'll let me get a photo of them in their costumes.

All that aside, this is really such a wonderful opportunity for them and they are so proud to be a part of it.
momto5minnies said…
YAY ... how exciting!

Your ballerinas look just lovely.

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