The Basics

Whether we like to or not, everyone follows some kind of daily schedule.  With Wingnut being an Air Force pilot, our schedule is fairly strict when he is out of the house, but much more flexible when he is home.

Here is what a normal school day looks like on paper:

7:00-8:30--Get up, make beds, get dressed, have breakfast, brush teeth

8:30-9:00--Morning prayers, saint story, religion

9:00-12:00--School work

12:00-12:30--Correct school work and put away, lunch, lunch clean-up

12:30-2:00--Chores, practice instruments, pick-up

2:00-4:00--Free time (Mondays-flute lessons, Tuesdays-piano lessons, Wednesdays-writer's workshop, 1st and 3rd Fridays-park day)

4:00-7:00--Dinner prep, dinner, dinner clean-up (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday-ballet)

7:30-8:30--Free time(Monday, Wednesday-taekwondo; Tuesday-CCD)

8:30-9:15--Get ready for bed, family rosary


**Karate Kid gets up between 6:00 and 6:30 so that she can get some of her school work done in the quiet of the early morning.  Although she is taking High School courses, it is important to her to finish her assigned work before lunch.  I know, I really got blessed with a good one.


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