True Princess, NOT!!!

We rarely resort to spankings with our children.  We really don't need to spank at all, because we have Wingnut on the parenting front.  He is very creative when it comes to punishments and he is extremely capable of coming up with punishments that both fit the crime and the criminal.

This morning he came up with the perfect punishment for a whining Tornado.  She was dressed all in pink and wearing her favorite "True Princess" t-shirt.  She was having one of those drama filled mornings complete with screeching, whining, and tattling and Wingnut had had enough.  He ordered her to her room to change out of her "True Princess" shirt and told her she was not allowed to wear it today because she was not acting like a "True Princess".  You would have thought the world had come to an end.  She was devastated.  "True Princesses" don't whine and screech and tattle.  So far, so good.  It has been rather peaceful around here since.  Wait, I think I spoke too soon.


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