Highlights from Williamsburg

We took a little mini-vacation to Williamsburg, Thursday and Friday.  I bet you didn't even realize we were gone.  It was a bit spontaneous (we sometimes to spontaneous here) as we were uncertain of the weather and of Wingnut's schedule but we were able to take off in the morning on Thursday and head south.  

We had fantastic weather and even more fun.  We hit Yorktown in the afternoon and were able to see several demos of artillery and weaponry.  Baby Wingnut loved the guns and cannons!  We then headed to the hotel to relax with a swim in the pool.  Just kidding, there is no relaxing in a pool with six kids, but it did work the excess energy out of them before dinner.  We then had a nice late dinner and headed back to the hotel for a family rosary and sleep. 

Friday morning we made our  5th annual "pilgrimage" to Busch Gardens, made possible by the generosity of the Anheuser-Busch Company's "Here's to the Heroes " free tickets promotion for active duty military and their families.  It ended up being a perfect day to go.  The weather was warm and a bit steamy and the lines were comparatively short. We all agreed, it was one of our best trips so far.

Baby Wingnut asked for a repeat performance of the rifle demo after seeing it for the first time in Yorktown.
I loved this photo of Special K and Baby Wingnut.  I always wonder what is going through their sweet little minds when they have expressions like this.
Stat Boy, OJ, Karate Kid and Special K flashed some kind of family gang symbol while riding the Log Flume.
If you look really closely, you might be able to see the look of terror on Baby Wingnut's face. You'll have to trust me that he wanted to go again once he got to the bottom.


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