Olympic Fever

Well, the Olympics are finally winding down and our kids have chosen their heroes.  Karate Kid has followed the medal quest of the Lopez family in Taekwondo.  Stat boy admires Michael Phelps.  OJ is an aspiring track star and our little girls have become miniature versions of Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin.  Wingnut had to draw the line when Baby Wingnut showed up wearing a pink leotard and announcing he was Alicia Sacramone. He's two and just parroting what his sisters tell him to say, but for Wingnut it is still too disconcerting.  We enlisted the help of Stat Boy to outfit Baby Wingnut in karate gear.  He is now marching around the house chanting, "I Steven Lopez.  I took bronze!" and "Hi-yah!" all the while kicking and punching imaginary foes.

While I don't have photos of Baby Wingnut in his pink leo, I did take a few of him dressed as Taekwondo medalist Steven Lopez.

Stat Boy helps Baby Wingnut with his form.
Baby Wingnut's most intimidating "Hi-yah!" with a kick.


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