All That Glitters

My children and I are huge fans of the Olympics and have truly enjoyed watching local hero, Michael Phelps, make Olympic history.  Living on the East Coast means we have been getting to bed rather late due to our favorite events being aired past primetime, but even our six year old couldn't hit the hay until she had seen Phelps win the gold in the 200 meter fly.  I'm sure we'll all be paying for it later today, when she gets a good case of what Wingnut calls "the sleepy hypes."

Women's gymnastics didn't begin until 10:30 last night and that is where I drew the line for the kids, promising to let them watch online this morning.  Wow, what a difference there was between the hopes and expectations of America's women compared to those of the American male gymnasts.  It's hard to believe we are disappointed with a silver medal, but we are. 

Our children were competitive gymnasts until about a year ago and so we have somewhat of a clue about what is expected.  I was awed by the Chinese women, especially on the parallel bars. Not only did they have wicked skills, but their form, lines, and execution were impeccable.  At one point I declared, "Wow, they really are amazing!"

To which Wingnut responded, "Yes, but at least our girls could tell you what a Big Mac tastes like and can identify their own parents."

Amen to that!  We are so blessed to live in freedom and dignity here in the United States.  As disappointed as our gymnasts may be with their silver medal, I bet they wouldn't trade places with the Chinese for anything.


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