Blogging So Far

I've been blogging for two months now, which has lead me to ponder upon how it's gone so far. To begin with, writing and keeping this journal of our life has been truly enjoyable. It's helped me recognize what a wonderful life and a terrific family I have.  I already knew that, but writing has helped me reflect more on how blessed we really are.  I'm actually surprised at how much I have to consider and write about.

Secondly, my family is really enjoying reading my blog.  It's my aim to keep it that way. This is a rated G blog because I want my children to be able to read everything I write, especially since so much of it is about them.  I'm sure our children know we love them.  We tell them every day and we show it in the loving care we give them, but I want them to know how much we enjoy them, their individual personalities.  I want them to know how terrific we believe each of them is and how they make us smile and laugh and cry and "wax rhapsodic" (to borrow a term from The Pioneer Woman).

My third reflection is that I need to be careful of the amount of time I spend blogging.  It can be addictive; constantly checking to see if I have comments, keeping up on other blogs I read, checking my site meter, etc. I'll really have to monitor and limit my online time even more once we start back to school.  I don't want blogging to take away from the time I have to give my family, after all if this is truly for them, it shouldn't end up becoming a drain on my attention to them.  

Lord, help me to do all things for your glory and in moderation!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen


Rob said…
I’ve nominated you for a Brillante Blog Award. Because after me, no one deserves one more.
See my 8/19 post for details
Anonymous said…
I totally agree...Thy will be done...all for your glory!!! You have done amazing things in 2 months!!! Keep up the great work!!! Thanks for all the great advice and resources!!!
MightyMom said…
oh good luck on the time thing. a year has passed and as I make more friendships I then have more friends to keep up with...who in turn keep up with me.

It's a fabulous thing for me and my hubby (who has his own) but it can really eat time.....I've gone so far as to set the egg timer so I'll turn it off and do something else! :-)
CM said…
I was looking for images of the Immaculate Heart for valentine cards and found your blog.

Could I use this image from your site? I just want to print valentine cards for my daughter's class. It is a craft project that we got from EWTN.
Maurisa said…
Actually, I found the image online. I think if you are not using it for commercial purposes it would be fine to print out and use for your CCD class.
Anonymous said…
The heart in your post, it is beautiful!! Who is the artist, please? Please Email me if you can -

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