Thomas the Communist Tank Engine: A Bedtime Story

**Just for Fun**

This was written by Wingnut after reading my previous post on Thomas.  Our two teens have wicked senses of humor and greatly enjoyed reading their dad's interpretation of Thomas, the Communist Tank Engine.

The Great May Day Festival had finally arrived on the Island of Sodor and Thomas was very excited.  He saw Gordon chuffing along a distant track, delivering copies of Das Kapital to all the little boys and girls.  This made Thomas jealous until he realized the collective goals could only be achieved by subverting his own selfish desires.  He was sad for feeling like a capitalist.

"Hello Comrade Gordon," Thomas tooted.

Gordon answered, "From each according to ability, Thomas.  You do not seem to be giving to the best of your ability.  You certainly will not get according to your need."

This made Thomas cross.  He was giving according to his ability and he didn't care what Gordon thought.  Just then Commissar Topham Hatt came around the side door at Tidmouth Sheds. "Thomas, you must deliver these criminals to the other side of the islad to work in the re-education camps.  They have not been Really Useful People."

Thomas was excited.  He would show that Gordon what "give according to one's means" really meant.  Thomas quickly loaded 60 really useless people in each of his coaches and locked the door from the outside.  Nobody was going to escape from Thomas.

Thomas quickly built up his speed as he imagined himself grinding the bourgeois and capitalist swine under his shiny wheels.  Blood spattered his cow catchers red and this made Thomas happy.  "I'll show that Gordon who's really useful!" he thought to himself.


terry.ferrett said…
My lady friend asked me to read her a bedtime story over video chat, and specifically asked for one involving communists. This site was the first hit for the search string "communist bedtime stories". :)

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