My 2 Cents

Wow, what a week!  I think we can all agree, after having either read or seen Nancy Pelosi's pathetic performance on Meet the Press last Sunday, she can really bring out the best in people. Wingnut wasted no time before hitting the political blogs and refuting The Speaker of the House's fallacious remarks about Saint Augustine.  I thought it was particularly fascinating to see the rapid response from some of our wonderful Bishops.  I can't recall the last time there was such clear and resounding teaching from our American Bishops.  Bravo!  Our own Archbishop Wuerl not only responded personally to Pelosi's deception, but instructed his priests to preach on Church teaching regarding the sanctity of life, from conception to natural death, during Sunday Masses throughout the Archdiocese.

Then there is the apparently brilliant choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate. While I have mixed feelings personally about whether mom's can effectively work full-time outside the home and mother their children, I actually feel as though I am being represented in this choice by McCain.  Don't get me wrong, McCain is far from perfect and I can think of several other candidates I would have rather seen run, but I believe I will be able to vote for McCain/Palin to defeat Obamanation with a clear conscience.  Wingnut thinks Palin is untouchable, as far as criticism and political attacks go.  That remains to be seen, but at least I am no longer stressed and depressed about this year's elections.

Now if Gustav would just blow off and leave Louisiana in peace.


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