Is it the End for Catholic Mom Blogs?

I used to be a pretty prolific blogger but over the years I found myself blogging much less frequently. Honestly, Facebook and Instagram are so much easier and just seem to provide more immediate gratification.  I'm sure that is part of the reason this blog has gathered cobwebs for several months.  I feel another reason is just that I've outgrown of mommy blogging, or more accurately, my children have outgrown it.

I came across an article (How the Mom Internet Became a Spotless, Sponsored Void) discussing the phenomenon of the disappearance of mom blogs and there was a lot of truth in it.  It postulated that the nitty, gritty of the mom blogging world has become completely overshadowed by the perfect and the commercial.  Let's face it, I will never be a Ree Drummond and I'm ok with that.  She's awesome and interesting and has a team of folks helping her sell her Pioneer Woman persona. God Bless her.

I started this blog when Ben was just 2 and most of what I blogged about was our family, our Faith, and our homeschooling experience, with a spattering of recipes and photography mixed in. For me, I think the deeper reason blogging has died out has to do with my family having grown up to the point that they'd rather I didn't share so much.  Over the years I did try to remain sensitive to their desire for privacy but most of them are at this age now and it leaves me very little to blog and I kind of miss it.

Fortunately, an opportunity to expand my blogging scope of experience presented itself when Catholic Sistas put out the call for Ink Slingers.  I submitted a piece, was interviewed and asked to join their team of contributing writers.  My first article was published yesterday and I'm beyond excited to be starting out on this new writing venture.  I'll be blogging less frequently about our kids and more frequently about matters of Faith and in support of Catholic sisterhood.  There are so many talented writers on our team and I've enjoyed the back and forth I've had with my editor and other contributors.  I'll continue to post here occasionally, but my main focus will be on my writing for Catholic Sistas.  I hope you'll visit me there.


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