Farm Livin' is the Life for Me

Last week was crazy busy.  Chris and I managed to build the chicken coop over the course of the week and on Friday morning, at 5:45 am the post office called with our chicks peeping in the background.  We are officially chicken farmers!

Yes, this is our chick-McMansion.  We wanted something that would last and could hold other small farm animals (pygmy goats???) in the future.  All that needs to be done now is to add shelving for nesting boxes and roosting bars.  I'm still trying to decide the best way to add a feeder and water.  I've seen some really ingenious ideas on Pinterest.  Once the interior is finished I'll post photos.  It will be at least 5 more weeks until the chicks are old enough to go into the coop.

Until then, this is their temporary home.  For the next week or so, they will be in our kitchen.  I'll be adding another cage as they get bigger and we'll move them into the laundry room.  

They are really cute and funny.  The kids all love to watch them and they've been pretty good about being gentle with these delicate creatures.  In a few days we'll add treats to their diets and the kids can work on hand taming our hens.

So sweet and fluffy.  I believe this chick is one of the Delawares.

I can't resist the photography opportunity found in these cuties.  This is one of the Black Australorps.

Comments it! ;-) What fun!! They are so stinkin cute...I'm sure I'd take thousands of pics of them!!

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