Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12 Months

I haven't forgotten of this space, really!  We've just been enjoying the arrival of winter, observing Advent, and spending quality time with family for Christmas.  Merry Christmas!

I've been seeing blogging buddies participating in the 12 Months link-up through Dwija's House Unseen. Life Unscripted, and I thought it would be a great way for me to dive back into blogging.  Hopefully I can get something going more regularly.

Boiling an entire year down into just 12 photos was really challenging for someone who tries her darnedest to take at least one photo everyday.  But here goes it:

We've loved living in an area where there is "real" winter.  We get snow, lots of snow, and the lakes actually freeze over!  Our kids love to take a drive out to the closest frozen lake at least once during the winter.

In February we took advantage of a free afternoon of cross country skiing and snow shoeing.  Special K especially loved it.

March had me chomping at the bit to get gardening.  I did start my own seeds this year.  March is a tad early, though.  I could not transplant until mid June.  We had tons of pumpkins from the three best transplants.

April was particularly beautiful this year.  The cherry blossoms were prolific.

In May our 6th received his First Holy Communion.  It was a wonderful month all around, as his godparents and their 6 kiddos spent an entire week with us.  It was an absolutely glorious reunion and celebration.

In June our 4th was confirmed in the Faith.  Her 17 year old sister was her sponsor.  I loved being able to capture the four girls together all dressed up.

Wingnut Jr. once again enjoyed a season of playing machine pitch little league baseball.  His team took home the local 1st place team trophy!

Wingnut and I enjoyed many evenings in August just relaxing, enjoying the scenery,  and casting a line into the local lake.

September marked the greater part of the harvest of our abundant garden.  I ended up preserving peppers three ways!  We also had tomatillos, green beans, onions, asparagus, squash of several varieties, and many kinds of lettuces and greens.  We even had a couple volunteer cantaloupe!

In October we introduced Billy to our two female goats.  We are still waiting anxiously to see if he did his duty.  We will know by late winter/early spring.

Our much anticipated trip to Europe took place in November.  Mass in Saint Peter's was a definite highlight.

December brings us back around to another winter filled with snow and skiing.  Lil' Lamb is giving skiing a try this year and so far loves it.

May you have a most Blessed New Year!

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Natalie said...

That goat is still ugly as ever. lol I love your garden pictures. You plan on getting chickens this spring?

Maurisa said...

Yes! Chicks and a coop are the spring projects!