Thursday, November 6, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} November 6

round button chicken


I run by this lone, bare tree a few times a week and I've had plans to photograph it.  I'd just been waiting for a more interesting sky before shooting.  I finally took my opportunity and pulled over the car on our way past, hopped out and snapped away.  My kids think I'm crazy. 

Here is the same photo in color.  I love the drama of B&W, but this one really shows how lovely the blue sky was that day.


The skiers are ecstatic.  There is snow on the mountains at last.  We'll need quite a bit more than this smattering before ski season can start, but just seeing some snow makes them happy.


My boys on Halloween evening.  I have no idea what the little one was doing.  He is the biggest ham.

I mean, really, what is this expression?  What a goof.


I am so grateful I joined the 365 day photography challenge.  I have really learned so much from shooting every day and it has pushed me to find beauty and interest in things I would never have considered before.  Even with everything withered and faded, I am amazed at the beauty still on display in God's creation.

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