Thursday, September 11, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Sept. 11


I have enjoyed the abundant blooms of the cosmos Lil' Wingnut planted.  I think they'll stick around until it frosts.  The lady bugs and bees have enjoyed them too.


These are my farming sloggers.  They are super comfy and very easy to hose off.

We harvested the volunteer cantaloupe this week.  It was absolutely delicious. I saved the seeds for next year so that we might have "deliberate" cantaloupes. Ha!

6 jalapeño plants seem to be the perfect number.  We have harvested 3 times.  I've canned pickled rounds, and roasted and froze the rest.  We'll have one more harvest that I hope I can use for the planned on canning of tomatillo salsa in just a few weeks.  Hold off on the frost!


This guy is a bundle of energy.  He is always asking me to take photos of him jumping.


The mountains are beginning to turn color.  Fall and winter are not far off.  We should reach peak color in just a couple weeks and then snow will coat the mountains days later.

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