Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Making Over Another Room

As soon as our oldest son moved out, Skoshi A lay claim to his room.  She has always shared a room with one sister or another and it is time she has her own.  She has settled on a Middle Earth themed room, which is perfect.  The room is already painted a lovely shade of soft moss green and lends itself very well to her idea.  This will be a slow make over.  We've pinned all sorts of ideas and accessories to make this room perfect, but we need to spread out the cost over several months.  So far we have purchased new bedding--an earthy brown quilted coverlet, a soft green window scarf, gilded scrolled sconces, and rubbed bronze light and outlet plate covers.  We have plans to purchase some gorgeous decorative pillows and cushions for her bed.  One of which is the map of Middle Earth.  We'll need a dresser scarf, a new decorative light fixture, and wall art.  As we make changes, I'll post photos of our progress here.

Skoshi A's room before

The light fixture and window treatment that need to be replaced

The new window treatment.  I'm thinking I may replace her blinds with a darker wood tone.
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1 comment:

Natalie said...

Instead of replacing the blinds you could spray paint them instead. A lot cheaper with tons of fun colors and/or textures you could use.