Lil' Lamb at 10 Months

Lil' Lamb turned 10 months on Sunday.  One of the reasons I cannot blog as often as I'd like is I don't get much computer time because I'm constantly chasing the curious guy around.  He's never satisfied staying in one place and will wriggle off my lap and crawl away within seconds. He loves to climb stairs, get into cupboards, and pull things off the tables.  He's a handful, but we are having so much fun watching his active little mind and active little body motoring all over the house.


Tonya said…
Can't wait to see that cute chubbo again!
Mary @ Cheerios said…
Oh my! what a cute lil guy you have there-such a boy!!! love it! they are so cute and so into everything-so quick too!!!
God bless,
Mary @Cheerios

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