We Found a Co-Op!

I've posted frequently here about the wonderful homeschooling co-op we had in Maryland.  It was perfect in every way.  We were a very laid back group with very few rules, the families involved were fantastic and we made life long friends and we are going to miss each and everyone involved.

In our new neighborhood there are at least a half a dozen homeschooling families of 5 or more children.  A couple of the moms have begun offering classes in their homes and have thus begun a little informal co-op right here in the neighborhood. Our family was invited to join in.  Skoshi A and Special K are taking Human Anatomy and Health at one neighbors house and Spanish at another.  Other classes offered are math tutoring and Key to Liberty from Leadership Education Mentoring Institute  (I haven't researched this group fully, but I have a sneaking suspicion this organization is heavy on the mormonism so we opted out of this class). Lil' Wingnut, having shown interest, may join the Spanish class.  I'm thinking this is an awesome idea and I'm going to run with it.  I've already offered to teach something at our house next year, something along the lines of photography, or cooking, or geography.  The absolute best thing about this co-op is I won't have to drive anywhere!  Sounds perfect, doesn't it?


Katie said…
That is so great Maurisa!
Our Family said…
you will be an awesome asset to any group..
miss you guys
Party of Eleven said…
Great news!! So happy for you :)

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